tensile membrane structures
Tensile Membrane Structures
August 24, 2017
outdoor sports canopies
Outdoor Sports Canopies
August 24, 2017

Shade Sails

Has not having shade made your outdoor activities unpleasant?

We have all experienced sitting on a very hot bench before and know how uncomfortable it can be. Even activities involving refreshing water can be less enjoyable when there is nothing available to provide you relief from being under the sun.

You should be allowed to enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities without having to worry about sunburn or being in discomfort. What you need is a something that will allow you to sit in a nice, cool area and keep the sun out.


We have something for you…

Shade sails are exactly what you need because they not only are a stylish addition to your outdoor areas but they also protect you from UV rays with quality and strength. Sails can be installed with high and low-pitched points, creating for eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing structures.

They can be used anywhere – patios, swimming pools, restaurants, playgrounds, walkways – and will provide a cooling atmosphere for anyone who rests underneath them. With them, you can minimize the possibilities of sunburns, heat strokes, sun poisoning and other harmful effects of not being able to cool off under shaded protection.


These sails have many incentives

Our sails are designed to do more than just protect you from the sun – the waterproof material prevents other weather elements like rain from getting through.

Even the most irregular shaped areas will be accommodated because these sails can be installed under unique requirements and have the capability to link multiple ones together into a bigger formation.

Breathable characteristics of the fabric allow heat to be released instead of trapped below where you would be resting – ensuring you will always have a cool area; even when the sun is at its hottest during the day.


We are here to help you get your sail today

We will make sure you will not have to lift a finger during the entire installation process and would like to a step beyond expectations by handling the permits and paperwork too!

We guarantee 10-20 years of protection from UV rays and 10-years on steel work – the metal is rust resistant. Maintenance is minimal with a cleaning routine required every 3 years and there are options for posts to be painted or powder coated depending on your preference. As favored installers of the Ministry of Education, Shades Waikato ensures you will be completely satisfied with our sails!