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Shade Sails
August 24, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Outdoor Sports Canopies

Are your outdoor sports activities shaded from the sun?

Many popular sports – netball, soccer, rugby, – are commonly held at outdoor venues rather than indoor stadiums. As exciting as it is to go watch your favorite game, sitting too long under the sun can be very damaging for you skin and possibly cause serious health concerns.

Whether you are a fan in the crowd or the owner of a facility hosting an outdoor sports event, everyone can appreciate finding somewhere to relax out from under the sun. What every outdoor facility needs, or even your home property, is an outdoor sports canopy.


Our canopies are everything you want

It does not matter if the use of the canopies is for commercial or residential purposes – they are versatile to accommodate any requirement. These shelters will create cool air temperatures and block out harmful UV rays – they can even be customized to meet your style preference.

Even if it starts to rain at the game, you do not have to worry about getting soaked because the fabrics are made with high-end waterproof quality.


These sports canopies have more features to offer

Our products are able to comply with the NZ skin cancers target of blocking out 99% of UV rays to make your activities as safe from the scorching sun, as possible.

Our structures are specifically designed for long-lasting use - with proper care and maintenance – to possibly secure a 20+ year lifespan. The canopies are a cost-effective investment for you that requires little to no maintenance.

We can reassure you that you will be receiving superb quality in our materials with convenient characteristics like rust prevention and strengthened steel made from Hot Dipped Galvanized, high tensile. Above all, we are here to service your needs!


We have an amazing installation process

When you purchase one of our canopies, you do not have to worry about setting it up yourself – we can do it for you. We take care of everything –  from permit applications to site inspections; we will not charge additional costs.

With 10 years guarantee of steel work and 20-year guarantee of UV rays safeguarding, you will not have to worry about getting sunburnt or wet while enjoying outdoor sports and activities. Shades Waikato is your number one pick for excellent service and reassuring confidence that your money is well spent!