outdoor sports canopies
Outdoor Sports Canopies
August 24, 2017
Car Park Structures
January 4, 2017

Hip Roof Structures

Do you have a large outdoor area that is unshaded?

If you are responsible for businesses like hospitals, schools, parking areas, pools, or just have a large outdoor seating area on your property – you know all too well how uncomfortable it is when there is no protection from the scorching sun.

It is often hard to find shades that are affordable, durable and can cover large open space. Tents have proven to not be sturdy and typical umbrellas are easily blown over by a breeze – not to mention they are pointless for large spaces – leaving you and everyone else to swelter in the sun’s heat. What you need is a roof structure that will not cost a fortune to cover all the area needing shades.


We have just the thing for you…

Hip roof structures are everything you need when looking for reliability, quality, and color selections you can choose from. Our products are unique with the capability to stop rain and 99% of UV rays from penetrating through the material. It will easy to maintain and clean your new hip roof structures – the steel can be washed with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and followed by a water-rinse – the fabric only requires upkeep every few years.

If you like to do things yourself, you can possibly have the option (depending on size and design) to install the roof yourself with a detailed installation guide - but we are happy to do all the work too!

The construction is worth every cent

Our hip roof structures are constructed using strong materials such as Hot Dipped galvanized high tensile and reinforced grade 350 steel. You do not have to worry about your roof structure rusting and you have the option to have it powder coated or painted to a color of your liking.


We are your top supplier for hip roof structures

Allow us to assist in providing you sun and rain protection with designs that are built to last 15/20 + years for optimally providing you the best customer service possible. We would like to also offer additional incentives because we appreciate you – organizing plans, building permit applications, paperwork management, and site inspections are a few examples.

There is nothing stopping you from the guaranteed installation of Shades Waikato – the preferred installer of the Ministry of Education – call today!