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August 24, 2017

Car Park Structures

Is your car protected by a garage or shelter of some kind?

Nothing is more aggravating than watching hail dent your car or company vehicle because you did not have a garage to offer covered protection.
It is equally aggravating to have to sit in a suffocating, hot vehicle because it had to be parked under the sun all day.

These aggravations make it very important to have a covering for your vehicle(s) throughout all the year – in any seasonal weather. If you currently live in a home or rent housing where there is no garage or vehicle cover, you should consider getting car park shade sails.


Let us tell you why you will want one…

With a carport shade, you can increase the value of your home and property with the capability of shielding your car from all-weather conditions. Typical garages risk getting your car doors and body either scratched on posts or dented from bumping into tightly enclosed walls – carport shades have an open concept that eliminates these problems.

You have the option to choose a color that matches a building or fits your preference and durable materials ensure your carport shade can be used for a long time.


Commercial users can find our shades useful too

Flats, apartments, and townhouses do not always provide covered parking for vehicles and it would be a smart investment to provide parking shades as incentives for new residents. Larger coverings are available for commercial buyers and corporate colors are available to match the business’ appearance.

Additionally, lighting can be arranged for illumination during darker periods and provide security measures while doing so. As if these reasons for owning a car park structures were not convincing enough, the best has been saved for last.


Shades Waikato guarantees easy-going installation and management

Here at Shades Waikato, we take care of every aspect of the installation process for you – installation, paperwork, permits, inspections and anything we can on your behalf because we value your business!

You do not have to worry about quality because you’ll get 20+ years of protection when our shades are properly cared for. Maintenance only requires occasional washing of the steel and cleaning the fabric every 3 years, making our carport shades’ up-keep easy for anyone. If the Ministry of Education can trust us to be their preferred installer, you can too – give us a call today for more information!